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March 6, 2009
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Da Ork Boyz n Goils by Taytonclait Da Ork Boyz n Goils by Taytonclait
Still in a sketchy mood, playing with new ideas and tricks, working on building up on my BASIC skills of anatomy, design, how I build ork bodies and heads and faces. Was distracted by my ever growing ideas of ork ecology and the roles that the various squigs play in ork society (ie in terms of usefulness and them in their more 'natural' environs)

I can safety say these are two of the best ork characters I've drawn to date. I whipped up Taytonclait in 15 minutes and Orktina in a half hour or so.
Kudos to :iconmako85: for boosting that creative avenue!

I am still working on designing my basic squig design, the concept we all know and love. I want killer fangly toothed frog-lizard fungus on steroids. That's what I am going for.

Oh and possibly squiglets.
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Imperator-Zor Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2009
Your Sqig images here gets me thinking about the lesser known variety of Orks known as Kookboyz (also known as Fryboyz, Messboyz and similar). Like Mekboyz they have an built in set of knowledge, but in this regard it is towards food, preparing prised meals for Orks, especially Nobs, Meks and the Higher ups. Be it over a roaring campfire, an ill conceived and volitile stove/oven that they bought off a Mekboy in return for meals for a month or on the engine block of a wartrukk they can whip up a suprising array of tasty (at least to Orks) items. In battle they are feared for their use of knives and when it comes time for looting a city they go straight for the spices and if any git gets in their way of looking for them they could very well be on tonights menu
Taytonclait Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hah, the secret's in the sauce it is... thanks for the reference!
Imperator-Zor Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009
You would be amazed at some of the lesser known kinds of Orks. You get all sorts of weird types from the Swimboyz (able to hold their breath for a long time and have webbed feet and hands "cuz derz good fightan' unda da wavez!") to Dakka boyz (opssessive compulsive orks that spend their entire lives when not fighting, eating or trading/looting to get stuff to make bullets with making ammo for shootas, not to be interupted at any time unless you want a choppa in your face) to the rarely seen, but legendary in their own right Orkanomitzs.
midarc Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009
More nice work.

Love the squig details.
I know they're a comedy creature, but I do love it when they are rendered with the same level of attention that goes into some of the more monsterous stuff out there.

No suggestion on the name of that guy.
For a less heroic looking fly boy, I'd go with Biggulz, but that'd be a bit obvious.

Nice design on the lady ork, and I do remember the blood bowl cheerleaders (though i still reckon they were just boyz with a pair of squigs biting their nippulz and 'anging on), and anyfing a humie can do, den an ork can do bettah.
Should they be called Gurlz though?
Taytonclait Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah squigs have potential, there's a lot of variety to them and they're fun and crazy, and have a potential to actually account for something, intrisically orky.

Mr Biggulzworth?

I haven't seen those lady orks, yet, I hear BB is going to be released on PC.

Remember that ork ecology took a dramatic shift from fantasy to 40k
saiyan-frost Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Squuuuiiiiigggzzzziiiess! I love squigs, I should draw Nin-Squig sometime; I've been off art for a while but I'm slowly getting back into it. Also, you probly already thought of this but I'll mention it just in case anyway, if you want lots of squig refrences, Warhammer online screenshoots would be good. They have three breeds of squigs, which might also help inspire you with your own design.

And awesome stuff with Orktina, I wish more people would lighten up about chick orks: it's called creativity people, stop being some burko about it, you won't get scabies just because you saw a female Ork (okay, that was more of a rant).

Hope to see some full colour Ork ladies some time :D (incase that came across the wrong way, I'm not lesbian)
Taytonclait Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Who's Nin-Squig? Ninja Squig?

Yeah the Warhammer Online squig pictures will make for great references. I want to try and keep their original weird froggy look to them but those squigs look rough and tough and I like that. Their variety is also cool, the big demon squigs being the coolest of course.

The lady orks idea is just funny. Its as viable as lady commissars, in my opinion. All you need is one goofball eldar or Imperial group of scientists trying to alter orky DNA into something less violent or more manageable to get lady orks. Why not, its a fungal-animal symbiote, orks are, apparently, genetically male, swapping that chromosome shouldn't be too tough.

A full colour Ork Tina is in the works, here or there or somewhere, and I should make one of my own too.

And don't worry about THAT....we all know the truth... ;)
saiyan-frost Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Nin Squig (better known as Squigsy, or Squiggy) is Ninja Dok's side kick, so yes he is a ninja - but not all the time, just when my Dok is having a PMS attack I term as a "moon (not mood, but intentionally close to being so) swing" (story thing). I'm up to version 1.3 I think, but I have several "revamps" planned in my story. He was originally a legless squig (the eatin' type) but Dok Cezzy-Po decided to make a few improvements. Everytime Squigsy gets injured or almost dies, he has an upgrade (eventually he becomes a cybork squig, with mini jets instead of legs, so he can hovver). Squigsy's more permanent of all his features is the hand sewed onto his back, which (after he gets part of an ork brain planted into his head [he had a severe case of partially-missing-brain after a battle]) he uses to speak in sign language.

Hmm I wonder if the French had anything to do with the making of Squigs (maybe it was a Chaos Frenchman! :lol: ) they do have a frog like appreance, although I've never thought of it like that til you mentioned it (I always equated them with a t-rex fetus, without the arms...). I think the leg style (I don't know what you call it; bent-backwards-knee legs or something!?), and giant mouth seem to be the main feature of squigs (tails seem to be present, but I wouldn't blink an eye if I saw one without a tail; to me it would seem normal also) which leaves plenty of room to be creative.

I think lady orks are cool too, but it seems like just mentioning the word brings down the wrath of god upon the speaker (or writter). So beware... you'll probly get crazy warhammer fans quoting text from the ork codex or something when you post orky ladies. By all means don't let that stop you (not that I think it would) but at least be expecting it. Doesn't seem to be as much of a problem here on DA, but there are still a few people like that.
Taytonclait Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
a previous eatin squig with half an ork brain, a hand sowed onto its back, rocket jets for legs, and sign language! That's awesome, you have to draw that!

I had the idea for an ork brain to be grafted into a squig body, then :iconjaganshye: suggested an ork warboss that has a squig subbed for his brain.

I was thinking the ork brain would cause the squig body to grow into a weird ork-squig hybrid. Conscious squiggoth anyone?

The t rex fetus is perfect for bitin' squigs. As orkoid subspecies take over an entire planet's ecology, ie, squig sharks, squig hawks, etc etc, its easy to assume that there's thousands of cool ideas for squiggies. I have been working on trying to come up with some sort of squig that is a half way point between a squiggoth and a face eatin squig, but nothing's come to me yet. A squig boar, or squigpig or something.

As the Orkiest Artist on DA I fear no fanboyfanatics
saiyan-frost Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
A squiggoth that had the ability to think and plot (sort of) would be rather... dangerous! There is plenty of potential for some kind of ork/squig hybrid though (especially since they share genes; it's be easy for their flesh to meld [as opose, for exaple, grafting human flesh to an ork]).

I'll draw Squiggs one day, but first I have a lisat of things to do (mostly gift art, and some unfinished writings). I hope to see your squig designs in that time though, there isn't a great deal of squig art and I think it would be nce to see some more added to DA's galleries.

Hmm, something between a squiggoth and aface eatin' squig... first thing that came to my mind was a squig-bear :plotting: mostly because it's a strong predator land animal with the potential to rip a persons' head off with one swipe of a paw (therefore a squig version would be just as capable of terrorizing orks in a similar manner). The only problem though is that bears tend to walk on two legs (not that they don't walk on four) and aren't dinosaury.
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